*If you want to be a sponsor fund us for an event organised by Yakshamitra, Please contact us below.

Thank you, if you have chosen to host Yakshagana. Artists take no remuneration to perform, only the cost of production need reimbursement. We need the following for a successful Yakshagana production under your leadership. It takes around 4-5 hours of preparation by a group of around 15 artists and few more helpers to get ready for the show. We travel/drive all the way and have to drive/travel back after the show. Your co-operation and help during the preparation will, therefore, be much appreciated. We are very friendly, flexible and perform with an intention to promote and celebrate the art of Yakshagana. Artists take no remuneration. Please talk to us if any of the followings is hard or impossible to arrange.

Resources for production:

  • Great smile on the face of organisers at all times!!

  • A large room for makeup (green room) booked at least 4 hours prior to the show time. About 250 sq ft, preferably behind the stage (two smaller rooms are fine too). We assume there will be mirrors.

  • The stage should be at least 15 x 15 ft, Some drinking water in the side wing during the performance is required.

  • A strong 6 ft long table for the Himmela to sit on.

  • 2 chairs, one for Chande player and another strong one for the stage/"Lion Chair".

  • 7 mics, 5 for the Himmela, 2 for the Mummela. One additional collar mic is needed. (Shure Beta 57A/58A, Shure SM57/58 mics are good). If you have hanging mics that will help but is optional.

  • 3 tall stands and 4 short mic stands.

  • Two power extension cables as long as the distance of power source from the centre of the stage.

  • At least one sound level monitor (When vocal is amplified others in the Himmela can not hear the sound of their own instruments making it difficult to synchronize).

  • A few chairs and drinking water is required in green room.

  • 2 volunteers to help with logistics and makeup (parking, carrying costumes and instruments etc ).


A Yakshagana in Progress

The stage and audio layout (supposing stage is 64x48 ft):

How much does it cost to sponsor ?

  • Please talk to us about this; we accept a lump sum. The cost depends on the amount of travel from Toronto. A rule of thumb for your budgeting purpose is, cost of fuel for 4 owned cars from Toronto + $500. This is an estimate, please talk to us. We try to keep the cost as low as possible to make the Yakshagana show possible.

The cost of production: Please talk to us about this before you sign up. Below is a rough estimate for your budgeting purpose only.

  • Gas expenses for 4 cars transporting artists costumes and instruments.*

  • An additional $500 to cover approximate food costs (while travelling) and toll.**

  • Basic accommodation for the artists and helpers should be arranged for 1-2 nights (as the need may be). Please DO NOT give gifts/mementos to individual artists.

  • Food and over-night accommodation for the team (about 15 artists) for the duration of our stay should be arranged. Yakshamitras can accept to be guests of sponsors. We will bring some bedding if you can not arrange it.

  • Some food arrangement before and after the show is needed. Some artists may not be able to eat before the show because of preparation/makeup.

  • If there is a registration fee to attend an event, sponsors should reimburse the cost of registration to all artists and 2 helpers.

**Note that we perform for free and do not charge you for artist fees, communication, car rental, costume procurement , maintenance and shipping, practice venue rental or other related travel expenses.

**We are a non-profit group. However, owing to frequent travel expenses, we need sponsors to reimburse most of our expenses related to the production.

**We do an internal audit and account keeping. Any small savings from your funding or shortage will be accounted towards other performances in need or our projects to promote Yakshagana.

*We kindly request that you fund a reasonable amount in case of roadside issues, emergency, ticket, any travel problems and emergency vehicle rent etc.


Contact us for clarification:

Email: yaxamitra@gmail.com

Tel: (905) 737 9040 / (905) 806 8079