We are a Yakshagana troupe in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We are also the first troupe to have formed outside India.

We work to perform and promote the theatre art of Yakshagana. The troupe is full-fledged with live a himmela and consists of artists trained in India and new artists we have trained in Greater Toronto Area.

Yakshagana is one of the leading traditional theatre arts of India. This art has been attested by scholars to be only a few that fully conform to the ancient treatise on theatre, Natya Shastra of Bharata dated 200-500 BCE.

Yakshamitra are a nonprofit group. The money generated from shows strictly goes towards the cost of events and for projects promoting Yakshagana. All participation of people in Yakshamitra is voluntary and there is no remuneration paid to artists or supporters. Our events are open to all.


Contact Us

☏ (905) 737 9040

yaxamitra@gmail.com. www.yakshamitra.com