These are some of our ongoing projects:

  1. Funding formal Yakshagana training to young students and charitable activities supporting Yakshagana artists - in India.

  2. Supporting publication of popular version of a seminal work on Yakshagana.

  3. Publication of a book on grammar and study of all aspects of Yakshagana by a renowned author and researcher.

  4. Video and documentation of Yakshagana costumes and makeup.

  5. Interviewing Yakshagana artists and researchers.

  6. Workshop on Yakshagana appreciation

  7. Yakshagana Study Group - Learning Yakshagana nuances from peers.

  8. Supporting Yakshagana performance by visiting artists wherever possible (funds and timing).

  9. Conducting research on Yakshagana and supporting it elsewhere.

  10. Creating and spreading positive narratives and artifacts of Yakshagana over the Internet and elsewhere.

Any savings we make, any sponsorship we get or any contributions made will go towards these activities. Thank you.